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Hi I'm Samantha

My journey to health, wellness, and empowerment wasn't easy, but it was worth it!

For years, I struggled with overstimulation, cluttered thoughts, and lack of self-love/confidence which manifested itself into a stressful chaotic life and unhealthy habits. I was in a constant state of survival mode. I tried numerous fad diets and found myself working out too little or too inconsistently. All of these attempts left me confused, overwhelmed and unhealthy both mentally and physically. 

Once I decided I was worthy of the investment, I hired a coach and my transformation to health, wellness and happiness began. 

Now I'm here to share it with all of you!


Grow Your Vision

These  programs are designed to help you set goals, understand the power of preparation, find inspiration, and get motivated. Balance, strategy and accountability can be simple but effective tools I will help you learn to reach your goals. 

Our time together blends health an
d wellness coaching, life coaching, physical training and meal prep together into a customized plan that is not only sustainable for your lifestyle, but for your lifetime. 

Tabitha Mendez-Parker, MA 

“Working with Samantha has brought me more mental clarity, welness, understanding and a healthy sense of self. Thank you, Sam"

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